Monday, November 1, 2010

NOVEMBER: The Screwed-Up Life of Charlie the Second by Drew Ferguson

Tall, gangly and big-eared, Charles James Stewart, Jr., aka Charlie the Second, could be a poster boy for teenaged geeks. All of his efforts to fit in at school have failed, but what’s freaking him out most is that while his hormones are racing and his peers are pairing off, he remains alone with his fantasies.
But all of this changes when a new guy at school begins to liven things up on the soccer team—and in Charlie’s life. For the first time, Charlie will learn how it feels to be a star, at least off the field. But he’ll discover that even cool guys have problems as he embarks on a deliciously sexy, risk-filled journey from which there is no turning back… (from
Published by Kensington
Year of Publication: 2008
Number of Pages: 320 pages