This book club is for those of us that like a light gay read without the pretension of a “book club.”  I always found that whenever I joined a book club it would be all well and good until we would have to read something like “East of Eden” or “Of Mice and Men” which are great books, but the conversations would be so snooty.  I say to hell with that.  We are going to read fun gay books with awesome characters, steamy sex scenes, and witty commentary on society that the gays pride themselves on.  Whether we read on the toilet, right before we go to bed, or on the bus going to work, a fun read can lift our gay hearts.
We will tackle one book a month which should be totally do-able for most of you and we will discuss it in the comments sections of the blog posts! Be sure to give the book a star-rating. The new book will be posted on the first of every month, but feel free to catch up on previous months and continue the conversations!
This is supposed to be fun, so if you don’t like the books I’m picking, don’t be a wet blanket… just move on, I’m sure there is a book club that will suit your needs.


  1. Hi!
    How can I get my book "One Last Lie" in your club?
    You can check out reviews on Amazon and GoodReads and see it's a perfect fit for this site. I look forward to hearing from you!!!
    Rob Kaufman

  2. Hi I would like to recommend this very gripping story "The Samura's Himitsu (Secret) " to all members of your book club. This is a review on www.amazon.com

    This is the story of an intense forbidden love between two men, a peasant and a samurai in fiercely hierarchal and unforgiving Edo Japan.

    By christina callwyse - See all my reviewsAmazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
    This review is from: The Samurai's Himitsu (Kindle Edition)
    Should love be forbidden ??? Any love ? This is Japan, the Edo period, feudal and often brutal. Certain behaviors created unwelcome and cruel consequences, as some of the characters in this novel experienced. Feudal Japan, where the Samurai ruled absolutely; while the peasant toiled; not even allowed a surname. These were the times, at least in part. We have a time warp here; ancient, and modern day. This particular author uses this tool in her writings. While I enjoy the dual story line; it may cause confusion for some. Balance is the key, the strategy to explain certain aspects of the novel.
    Lord Oda Nobunaga, the Grand Samurai, pays an unexpected visit to he home of Fusao, a young man, seventeen ..accompanied by his son, Lord Okimoto, handsome and well bodied; the Samurai presents paper, ink, and brush; instructing Fusao to write, which he does. It's in these writings that the mystery begins.
    Mayumi Onodera, an investigative historian is approached by Daisuke Fujita from Minamimoto, along with his wife, Harumi;plus their grandson Toyoki. The request is to solve a family mystery, papers had resurfaced, and they were very old. A bundle, sealed in a plastic case. The words were very old Japanese characters. Language and writing were much different, being the Edo period. It would be Mayumi's assignment to translate all the writings, which were seventeenth century.
    Returning to the Edo period; Fusao is awe struck by the visit of the Grand Samurai and his son, Lord Okimoto, who commands him to write; but he glances at Lord Okimoto, and their eyes lock.
    Conflicts, confusion, tradition and consequences present us with an excellent novel; bittersweet, tender and passionate.
    Mayumi must complete her assignment, and make a decision about her own personal life; but she becomes entwined with the compositions and pictures Fusao has composed. What does it all mean ??
    Toyoki Fujita, coping with his own emotions; how to open up to his family.
    The intrigues of a Samurai's estate; the women behind the men, keeping their place, but conspiring quietly. They yeilded power. The servants ... oh yes, they had their secrets .. and knowledge.

    An attempted assassination ... jealousy ... revenge .. the punishment. Rei Kimura is an excellent author, of many books.
    and I believe this one, will be well received. I quote; " To those who dare to live a life different from others. To walk a path less travelled, fearlessly, and with great strength. " Rei Kimura.
    She acknowledges: To the family member who gave me access to the centuries old forgotten diaries and papers that inspired this book, thank you !

    It is available in English on www.amazon.com in both printed and e versions.

    Thank you!

    Rei Kimura